Python Tests for Jupyter Notebooks

Part 1: Jupyter Notebooks Needs Tests

Part 2: What is nbval?

Part 3: How to Use nbval?

$ py.test --nbval -v 03-data-types-structures.ipynb============================= test session starts =========platform darwin -- Python 3.8.0, pytest-5.3.1, ...plugins: nbval-0.9.3collected 137 items03-data-types-structures::ipynb::Cell 0 PASSED       [  0%]03-data-types-structures::ipynb::Cell 1 PASSED       [  1%]03-data-types-structures::ipynb::Cell 2 PASSED       [  2%]...03-data-types-structures::ipynb::Cell 136 PASSED     [100%]===================== 137 passed in 6.08s =================

Part 4: Summary

Parts 5: Codes Demonstration

import numpy as np
print('This is not going to be tested')
print(np.random.randint(1, 20000))
print("This will be tested even in case of relaxed testing")
print(6 * 7)
print("Entering infinite loop...")
while True:
print("This exception will be tested")
raise RuntimeError("Foo")





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